Worlds First Official Canine Adventure Tour is a Sold-Out Success for Happy Tails Tours!
Happy Tails tours launch

We are incredibly excited and grateful to announce that Saturday was the official launch of our new company, Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours and we kicked it off with a sold-out inaugural tour to northern North Carolina.

Posted by Happy Tails Tours on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

We started the day with a great hike at Pilot Mountain State Park, followed by lunch and wine tasting at two great and very dog-friendly wineries in the Yadkin Valley – Ragapple Lassie Winery and Misty Creek Vineyards.

Hike with dogs to Pilot Mountain Tour

When asked by Ellie Porter what was the best part of the day for me, my first reaction was “Leaving my house in the morning, knowing that our vision had become a reality!” But, the whole day was amazing! Seeing everyone have such a fantastic time with their dogs and each other, hearing everyone’s enthusiasm and positive thoughts about the tours and the concept, hearing the conversation in the bus as everyone laughed and shared their experiences and their love for their animals, were all great.

Tours with their dogs at Pilot Mountain


Claudia and I are blessed to be creating our vision. Besides the most important thing, which is that our guests had an amazing experience traveling with their dogs, the icing on the cake that confirmed 100% for me that Claudia and I are indeed on the right track, was that Chris McPeck, who was playing live at Misty Creek, closed his set with Wonderful Tonight by Clapton. That was the song of our first dance at our wedding and when I heard it I grabbed Claudia and we danced and we both felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude, joy, and contentment. I am just so, so grateful to have this amazing person by my side as my partner in life.

Yadkin Valley Tour with dogs

Thank you so much to the great people who attended, including Tamara Lyn Rivera, Eric Rivera, Nicole Carpenter Adams, Jamie Adams, and from KeenDog owner Katrina Kensington and trainer Ellie Porter, as well Austin Chaney.

Claudia and I have been slowly working on this idea for several years and have dedicated ourselves full time since January to creating this amazing company that will give others the opportunity to have amazing, life-transforming adventure experiences with their dogs. It has been a lot of work, a labor of love, the culmination of which was realized Saturday, April 21st, 2018.

Thank you everyone who has been supportive of our vision in so many ways. If you are so inspired, follow and like our Facebook page @happyTailsTours and follow us on Instagram @happyTailsTours to see what amazing adventures are developing. Thank you!!



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