Tal & Nava S Tour Testimonial: “Plan a Trip with David Blank”

“Plan a Trip with David Blank” ★★★★★

We met David Blank the owner of Adventure Tours Panama 4 years ago when we were planning a trip to the Western United States. When we found out he owned a tour company we told him our plans and asked him to review our itinerary since he has led many tours in the area we planned to visit. David redid our itinerary and custom created a trip that was perfect for our desires and needs. He sent us to places that were off the beaten path like specific places on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, and Mexican Hat in Southern Utah amongst many others. He helped us to make the most of our time and taught us what we needed to know for each area. Our trip was exponentially more memorable because of his thoughtful input. We and our four children had an incredible, life changing trip!! We are forever grateful to David. He gave us the inspiration and confidence necessary to do two more big trips with our children, one to California and another to Alaska, both of which David was instrumental in helping us plan.


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