AF Carr Tour Testimonial: “Large group trip”

“Large group trip” ★★★★★

Adventure Tours Panama organized 2.5 days of excursions for our college student group of 31 persons total. We had a fantastic experience! The tours were put together very well; they allowed us to get a well-balanced exposure to the country, its points of interest, nature with animal encounters, and a visit with local indigenous people. We could not have wished for a better time! 
The tours ran smoothly. The bus was comfortable and driven safely, we never had to wait in line (i.e. Miraflores locks), the lunches were fabulous and the locations thoughtfully chosen, and we got up-close and personal to the sights and sounds of the country. At any given time, it was evident that our money spent was going to the local people directly, and not some foreign-owned conglomerate. 
We explored the Panama Canal on small motorized boats, which exposed us to the true immensity of the many ocean liners that pass through the canal every day, and the waterway itself. We were able to explore nature reserves only to find monkeys jumping onto our vessels in search of bananas, and we visited the Woonan tribe who shared insights into their way of life with us on a hike through the jungle, a lunch and a celebration. We saw old Panama City on a walking tour (not through the windows of a tour bus) guided by locals. A visit to an organic farm showed us yet another perspective of Panama’s treasures and alternative, eye-opening approaches to farming. Oh, and did I mention that we saw sloths? (:
The whole trip was the experience of a lifetime for all of us, and observing all the chatter on Social Media afterwards, I think I can safely say that this trip will not be forgotten.


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