SUP adventure with dogs
Traveling with your dog without fear!
Today Margie, Dozer & I spent the morning Stand Up Paddleboarding with my friend Jamie and his awesome canine sidekick
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Happy Tails Tours cover of Transformation Magazine
From Wanderlust to Canine Friendly Adventure Tours
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Pet owners having fun with their dogs in dog parks
Dog parks: having fun while keeping your dog safe
Dog parks are a great and necessary concept, especially as more and more apartment dwellers that don’t have a yard
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David Blank gives dog training tips when traveling
Dog Communication; Calming signals and Dog Body Language
A few years ago a dog trainer that I was with in Los Angeles told me of a quote by
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Dog obedience training
Dog Travel Tips: Dog Obedience Training – Setting up for success!
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dog whisperer
Dog Travel Tips: Dog Obedience Training! Do I have to be a “Dog Whisperer”?
My experience is that many of us get a dog because we desire that sidekick that accompanies us everywhere, sitting
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Dog trainer performing mental exercises with dog
Dog Travel Tips: Mental Exercise
I spent time working and attending private sessions with Matt from The Zen Dog in LA who works with people
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David and Dozer sleepig in Hammock while traveling with dogs
Dog Travel Tips: Consistency
More On Consistency As A Keystone To Successfully Traveling With Your Dog Dogs generally prefer and thrive in situations where
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SUP tour with dogs
4 Helpful Tips Where to Start When Traveling With Your Dog
Traveling with a dog or multiple dogs is one of the most fun and rewarding things that you can do.
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Happy Tails tours launch
Worlds First Official Canine Adventure Tour is a Sold-Out Success for Happy Tails Tours!
We are incredibly excited and grateful to announce that Saturday was the official launch of our new company, Happy Tails
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