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Our affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to earn continuous income with your Website, blog or Social Media accounts like Facebook & Instagram. When you refer a paying customer to, you get a commission of 10% of the Tour’s sale price. OR, if you prefer, we can put that 10% in our fund that will be 100% for tours for people with service dogs who can’t afford to take a Happy Tails Tour! That’s doing something great for others and produces great publicity for you!

Email 1 Subject: Check Out This Inspiring Article About Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours

Hello [first name],

My friends Claudia and David Blank created Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours because traveling with their dogs formed the deep canine-human connection that we all desire (dogs and humans alike), but few ever have, and they don’t want your dog, or you, to miss out on this life transforming experience for another minute.

One particular story of their adventures reached Lisa Cedrone, editor of Transformation Coaching Magazine, and I am excited to share the inspiring article that Lisa published about the creation of Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours. [Your Affiliate Link Here]

Lisa starts:

“Sometimes a story grabs hold of your heart, and that’s exactly what happened to me three years ago when I read about David Blank and his dog Max in Wendy Cooper’s animal communication e-newsletter* When I later reached out to David to share his story in Transformation Coaching Magazine, he wanted to wait until launching an adventure tour company that was inspired by his world travels with Max. Time rolled along, David and I touched base occasionally, and the original email held a steadfast place at the bottom of my inbox, never forgotten.”

Good stories, like successful business plans, take time to come together— and this one did when David and his wife Claudia Fabrega, along with their dogs Dozer and Margie, opened Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours in April 2018.”

Enjoy the rest of the article at:

Thank you for your support. Please contact us or Happy Tails Tours with any questions or to set up private, custom or group tours anywhere in the world.




P.S. Also, please download a copy of their e-book, Everything You Need To Know To Travel With Your Dog: Road Trip Edition, as our gift. It is based on David’s 18 years of experience of traveling with his 3 dogs through 10 countries on motorcycles, in cars, and on airplanes. It has some great tips and suggestions for both beginners as well as experienced Canine Adventurers. 

You can Download the ebook here:

Email 2 Subject: How to get the most out of Happy Tails Tours

Hey there [First name],

[Your Name] here with a quick note about Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours.

I want to tell you how Happy Tails can help you to quickly deepen your relationship with your dog. By taking your dog with you on [all] your adventures you will be transforming your dog’s life and your own, with a new, deeper connection. And wouldn’t you love to avoid having to leave your dog behind when you travel?

The single most important thing you can do right now is check out their incredible canine adventure tours.

Those of us who want to travel with our dogs but don’t, often just lack the confidence due to a lack of experience. Or we believe that we can’t safely travel with our dogs and take care of the dog’s needs AND at the same time enjoy an amazing trip.

Happy Tails Tours is about providing you the experience of traveling with your dog that will give you the confidence, know-how and means to be able to travel with your dog as often as you like, safely and happily, and alone if you choose to. Of course, Happy Tails are thrilled to have you join them again and again so you can relax and let them take care of all the details!

Make sure to check out their various tours, with activities from easy to moderate to strenuous. Whatever level you and your dog are, Happy Tails has the perfect tour for your dog to enjoy adventuring with you and create the amazing bond you both deserve! They also have tours of various lengths in case you prefer to start off slowly! Or, jump right in and go for it with one of their 1 or 2 week long adventures. Either way, It Will Change Your Life!!!

Basic tours link

  • Howl At The Moon – Full Moon Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle-board Adventure [Replace With Your Affiliate Link For This Tour]
  • The Fox – Yadkin Valley Hiking & Wine Tasting [Replace With Your Affiliate Link For This Tour]



So there you have it… the fastest path to your first adventure travel and bonding experience with your dog is with Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours!

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or Happy Tails Tours at

Talk soon,



PS – Next time I’m going to share with you the personal story behind Happy Tails Tours.

We’ll really pull back the curtain for you and help you understand the big WHY that makes David and Claudia work so hard to help you travel with your dog.

Email 3 Subject: The WHY behind Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours


My friends David and Claudia of Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours are often asked how they came up with the idea for this unique new tour concept.

David decided to explain the story behind Happy Tails Tours so people can understand why it’s so important for he and Claudia that everyone have the opportunity to successfully travel with their dogs, and I want to share that story with you.

David writes: “Of course, we’re all about helping dogs and their humans have amazing adventure travel experiences together!”

“But our commitment and dedication to help dogs and humans benefit and bond as you take your dog with you on your travels – no more having to leave your dog behind – goes deeper than that… much deeper!”

“I’ve been traveling full time with my dogs since May of 2000. That’s when I put my first dog Max on the back of my motorcycle and we hit the road on a year-long adventure. In a short time my newly adopted dog and I were totally in sync, tuned in to each others needs. The experience resulted in an amazing [13 year] relationship that transformed both of our lives and, through my incredible relationship with Max, I began to become my best Self.”

“In 2007 I founded an adventure tour company in Panama, and for the next 7 years my dogs Max, Dozer and Margie accompanied me on all my tours. My clients loved it and their only complaint was that they wanted to be able to bring their dogs too.”

“So eventually Claudia and I sold Adventure Tours Panama and moved back to the US to start Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours. Our mission is to give all dog lovers the opportunity to have the life transforming bonding experience that I had with Max because we realize the incredible power and benefit of spending time and traveling with our dogs.”

“When people get a dog, it’s not only because dogs give unconditional love and the opportunity to love unconditionally, but also because we dream of having that constant companion that we intuitively know will transform our lives.”

“For us, Happy Tails Tours is about each of you realizing that dream and having those incredible experiences where your dog can be with you all the time, sharing amazing adventures.”

“All you have to do is simply book one of our amazing tours [Replace With Your Tour Page Affiliate Link] and show up with your dog. Nature, your dog, and Happy Tails will take care of the rest!”

So, that’s the story behind Happy Tails Tours 🙂

And as you can see, what they do and why they care about you and your dog goes way deeper than just “letting your dog tag along.”

So book a tour with Happy Tails at [Replace With Your Tour Page Affiliate Link] and get started on you and your dog having a fuller life, together!!

Talk soon 🙂


PS – Happy Tails want to hear YOUR story about how your dog has changed your life 🙂 So please, send them your stories at

Email 4 Subject: Happy Tails Tours: Cool Travel with your dog GIFT for you inside (open up!)

Hey there

[Your Name] here from [your brand or blog] with something special for you From Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours.

If you haven’t downloaded their great ebook Everything You Need To Know To Travel With Your Dog: Road Trip Edition, you should download it now to help you have an amazing life of freedom and adventure with your dog. 🙂

Download it here =>

This incredible book covers everything you need to know to safely travel with your dog. I know you’re going to love it!

Click Here to access your gift instantly:


Thanks again,

[Your Name]

PS – The number ONE reason you should grab this book right now and devour it is because it will immediately help you Learn how to travel with your dog safely and gain the confidence to fearlessly adventure with your dog.

Go ahead… check it out right now!


Email 5 Subject: Super-cool Dog Travel Tips from Happy Tails Tours (open up!)

Hi there

[Your Name] here from [your brand or blog] with some Dog Travel Tips from Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours to super-charge your adventures with your dog.

Take a peek at these…

Dog Travel Tip #1 – Consistency: Dogs need as much consistency as possible in order to be comfortable. Because of our love for traveling with our dogs, we’ve tried to get our dogs as accustomed to change and inconsistency as possible. Consistent feeding times, frequent and consistent walks, good training and plenty of exercise – both physical and mental are simple but effective ways to build in consistency when you are traveling.

Read more=>

Dog Travel Tip #2 – Communication: There are about 30 different calming signals that all dogs use and understand, and they use them with us as well as other dogs. If we understand this type of dog communication and respond appropriately to these calming signals we can have great relationships with our dogs.

Read more=>

So, please enjoy these Dog Travel Tips and remember you can (and should) join us and Happy Tails over on social media for the most up-to-date tips, tricks, and tactics to turbo-charge your Travel with your dog!

Like us on Facebook here:

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We’d love to hear from you! If you have any tips to add from your experience or questions, please do comment on the blog.

Have a great day,

[Your Name]

Email 6 Subject: Happy Tails Tours: NEW Travel with your dog success story for you!

Hey there

[Your Name] here from [Your brand or blog] with an amazing story from Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours that is going to blow your mind when it comes to what you think is possible regarding successfully Traveling with your dog.

Here’s the story…

David was working at a corporate job, doing well in his career. But he spent all of his time sitting behind a desk and left his dog Max at home most of the time. He realized that he was not happy with what was going on with his life. He felt horrible leaving Max all day. And he hated being stuck inside all day as well. So he quit.

That’s when he put his Max on the back of his motorcycle and they hit the road on a year-long 20,000 mile international adventure. Since then he has been traveling with his dogs full time. In a short time, his newly adopted dog and he were totally in sync, tuned in to each other’s needs, and it resulted in an amazing [13 year] relationship and many incredible life-changing experiences. His life was transformed completely and he never looked back.

Happy Tails Tours is about each of you fulfilling that dream and having those life-transforming experiences by creating a world where your dog can be with you all the time, sharing amazing adventures.

Simply book one of their amazing tours [Replace With Your Tour Page Affiliate Link] and show up with your dog. Nature, your dog, and Happy Tails will take care of the rest!

Book their amazing tours here => [Replace With Your Tour Page Affiliate Link]

Have a great day,

[Your Name]

Email 7 Subject: See What Dog Lovers are saying about Happy Tails Tours

Hi [First Name],

Recently, you downloaded the Free Ebook Everything You Need To Know To Travel With Your Dog, written to help dog lovers to safely travel with their dog. (If you haven’t already, you can grab it here at

Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours would like to hear your feedback about how you like their book and how it has helped prepare you to travel with your dog.

At the end of each tour, Happy Tails always asks clients to complete surveys to find out what their guests thought of the tour…

…and we were truly blown away by the positive feedback they got!

Book their amazing tours with your dogs here => [Replace With Your Tour Page Affiliate Link]

Below are a few of the responses about their tours. We did not edit them in any way (so if you find a typo, we just did a copy & paste) 🙂

“I had a fabulous trip with David and Claudia with a few of our KeenDog clients and their pups. We hiked and visited two vineyards, had a lot of nice conversations, good food (they were very accommodating to provide a vegan lunch), great wine and just a great time. I would definitely recommend using their services to have an adventure with your pooch and friends!”

“Happy Tails Tours is amazing. My pup and I had an awesome time hiking and doing wine tastings at various wineries. Not having to plan things myself and being able to bring my pup with was fantastic. An amazing company with phenomenal people at the helm. I’d recommend them to anyone”

“We recently ventured on an amazing tour with Happy Tails this past Saturday! We traveled with 6 awesome dog owners and 6 well behaved dogs  We started the day with a challenging hike at Pilot Mountain State Park, then followed with lunch and a wine tasting at RagApple Lassie. We finished the day with another wine tasting and live music at Misty Creek Vineyards. What I loved most about the day is that we didn’t have to plan A THING. David & Claudia did it ALL for us, so that all we had to do was show up and enjoy ourselves…and that we did! From the goodie bags of fruit and dog treats they provided when we first got on board, to the chocolate chips cookies they provided on our drive home, David & Claudia were such gracious hosts. We are already trying to plan our next trip with them and bringing along others to experience the adventure that we were able to!”

Experience what they are all talking about and book your adventure with your fur buddy now

Book their tours with your dogs here => [Replace With Your Tour Page Affiliate Link]


[Your Name]

P.S. you can book their tours here
=> [Replace With Your Tour Page Affiliate Link]