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Spending time with and traveling with our dogs transforms our lives. When people get a dog, it’s not only because dogs give unconditional love and the opportunity to love unconditionally, but also because we dream of having that constant companion that we intuitively know will transform our lives.
I've been traveling full time with my dogs since May of 2000. That’s when I put my first dog Max on the back of my motorcycle and we hit the road on a year-long adventure. In a short time, my newly adopted dog and I were totally in sync, tuned in to each other's needs,

and it resulted in an amazing [13 year] relationship and many incredible life-changing experiences.

Happy tails tours is about each of you fulfilling that dream and having those life-transforming experiences by creating a world where your dog can be with you all the time, sharing amazing adventures.

Simply book one of our amazing tours and show up with your dog. Nature, your dog, and Happy Tails will take care of the rest!

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"Everything You Need To Know To Travel With Your Dog"
Have you always wanted to travel with your dogs and share your adventures, but you weren't sure how to make the most out of your adventure and make it enjoyable for both of you?

Worry no more! The "Everything You Need To Know To Travel With Your Dog" free guide book will cover everything you need to know to safely take your dog on your next adventure. So download your free copy and next time you want to head out for an adventure with your dog, you'll be ready!
What’s better than a hike, a wine tour and awesome tour guides? Getting to spend the beautiful day with your doggie!! I can’t say enough about how great our trip was with Happy Tails. David and Claudia were so accommodating and made the day so enjoyable, I can’t wait to take another trip with them!
- Eric Rivera -
Katrina  Kensington
I had a fabulous trip with David and Claudia with a few of our KeenDog clients and their pups. We hiked and visited two vineyards, had a lot of nice conversations, good food (they were very accommodating to provide a vegan lunch), great wine and just a great time. I would definitely recommend using their services to have an adventure with your pooch and friends!
Nicole  Adams
We recently ventured on an amazing tour with Happy Tails this past Saturday! We started the day with a challenging hike at Pilot Mountain State Park, followed with lunch and a wine tasting at RagApple Lassie. We finished the day with another wine tasting and live music at Misty Creek Vineyards. What I loved most about the day is that we didn’t have to plan A THING. David & Claudia did it ALL!
Ellie Porter
Happy Tails Tours is amazing. My pup and I had an awesome time hiking and doing wine tastings at various wineries. Not having to plan things myself and being able to bring my pup with was fantastic. An amazing company with phenomenal people at the helm. I'd recommend them to anyone
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